Ernane Vieira Neto wins ESA’s Braun Award

Bruna Lab doctoral student Ernane Viera Neto was awarded the E. Lucy Braun Award for a poster he presented at the 2012 meeting of the Ecological Society of America detailing his research on how roads influence the distribution and demography of leaf-cutter ants (Atta) Brazil’s Cerrado.  And who, you might be asking, is E. Lucy Braun? According to the ESA Website:

E. Lucy Braun, an eminent plant ecologist and one of the charter members of the Society, studied and mapped the deciduous forest regions of eastern North America and described them in her classic book, “The Deciduous Forests of Eastern North America.” To honor her, The E. Lucy Braun Award for Excellence in Ecology is given to a student for the most outstanding poster presentation at the ESA Annual Meeting.

A list of the other 2012 ESA Awardees can be found here. Congratulations Ernane for joining such an illustrious group!

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