Recent paper: Seedling performance in forest fragments

Cris Jurinitz, a recent PhD from the University of São Paulo I co-advised with Alexandre Oliveira, has just published one of her thesis chapters in Biotropica. In it, she describes how early-stage survival of two shade-tolerant species is affected by canopy openness, litter depth, ontogenetic stage, and conspecific neighborhood in the understories of secondary forest fragments in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest. It’s a really nice study, and you can find the final version here. Congratulations, Dra. Cris!

Jurinitz, C. F., E. M. Bruna, and A. A. Oliveira. 2013. Synergistic effects of canopy openness, litter depth and ontogeny on seedling performance in forest fragments. Biotropica 45(6): 728-736.

Photo: USP’s Alexandre Oliveira (L) and UF’s Emilio Bruna (R) with their student Dr. Cris Jurinitz in her Atlantic Forest research sites.

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