A little reminder of why working at a university is the best job ever

This is one of the reasons I am so glad I work at a university – I am surrounded by young, energetic, creative people. The University of Florida Symphony Orchestra is having a concert tomorrow night, and to advertise the strings were at the Century Tower with a stand, a baton, and a big sign that said “Conduct Us”. Anybody that wanted to could come up and lead them in a performance of the 1st movement of Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. They would follow your lead – adagio, fortissimo, in rhythm, out of sync, whatever — AND IT WAS AWESOME. Thanks UF Symphony for making me feel like Gustavo Dudamel (ok, Zubin Mehta) on my birthday. The passion and joy with which you played reminded me how lucky I am to work with you and your fellow students every day.


So what do you think?

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