How About Statues To Honor UF’s Nobel Laureates?

There is a petition on to honor UF’s Academic stars the same way it does it’s sports heroes. Here is the link; the text is reproduced below.


The University of Florida community is so proud of our Heisman Trophy Winners that we have honored them with statues outside Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. Let’s honor UF’s Academic Heroes in the same way!

Did you know two UF alumni have been awarded the Nobel Prize?

  • Robert Grubbs (BS 1963, MS, 1965) was awarded the 2005 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for olefin metathesis
  • Marshall Warren Nirenberg: (BS 1948, MS 1952) was awarded the 1968 Nobel Prize in Physiology of Medicine for research showing how DNA codes protein synthesis

We want campus visitors to know we’re preeminent both on the field and in the classroom. Please sign this petition to tell the UF Leadership we should give the same kind of prominent recognition to our academic superstars as we do our athletic ones.

Go Gators!

Photo Credit: UF Heisman Trophy Winners by Jared  (terms of use: CC BY 2.0)

So what do you think?

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