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Make your faculty, lab, and student committee meetings better by reading this article from Fast Company magazine.

The Seven Sins of Deadly Meetings (TLDR Version)

  • Sin #1: People don’t take meetings seriously. They arrive late, leave early, and spend most of their time doodling.
    Salvation: Adopt Intel’s mind-set that meetings are real work.


  • Sin #2: Meetings are too long. They should accomplish twice as much in half the time.
    Salvation: Time is money. Track the cost of your meetings and use computer- enabled simultaneity to make them more productive.


  • Sin #3: People wander off the topic. Participants spend more time digressing than discussing.
    Salvation: Get serious about agendas and store distractions in a “parking lot.” It’s the starting point for all advice on productive meetings: stick to the agenda.


  • Sin #4: Nothing happens once the meeting ends. People don’t convert decisions into action.
    Salvation: Convert from “meeting” to “doing” and focus on common documents.


  • Sin #5: People don’t tell the truth. There’s plenty of conversation, but not much candor.
    Salvation: Embrace anonymity.


  • Sin #6: Meetings are always missing important information, so they postpone critical decisions.
    Salvation: Get data, not just furniture, into meeting rooms.


  • Sin #7: Meetings never get better. People make the same mistakes.
    Salvation: Practice makes perfect. Monitor what works and what doesn’t and hold people accountable.

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