1. Download the Files you need.

  • Data sheet [download link]
  • Protocols [PDF format]
  • Sample Editorial Board Pages & Completed Data Sheet [PDF format] (from Cho et al. 2014, note changes in current protocol)
  • It may be useful to use a webpage that uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition to convert your PDF into an MS Excel or .txt file, but you must be really careful and will have to do some clean-up afterwards. [FreeOCR]. If you are an R user, there are also packages to convert pdfs to text. This post will get you started.

2. Collect & Save the data. When you register we will send you the link to a dropbox folder where you can save the data, photos or pdf’s of editorial boards, etc.  Each person collecting data should use and save a different file.  We will review them, correct any errors, and put in consistent format after submission. File names should have the following formats: 

  • Data files: JournalName_Years_LastNameOfDataCollector.csv
  • Editorial Board Page: JournalName_Year_LastNameOfDataCollector.pdf or JournalName_Year_LastNameOfDataCollector.jpg

3. Confirm Completion: Once data collection is complete, send a message letting us know.

4. Optional: Do you want to visualize your results? If you want to visualize the results for your journal(s), you can do so using by modifying the R code used to make the figures in Cho et. al. 2014 [available at GitHub, please feel free to suggest improvements].  If you prefer we will do it for you once we have reviewed your data.