Welcome to LAS 6291: TCD Fundraising

The students and instructors of the 2020 TCD Fundraising Course (LAS 6292) with UF President Dr. Kent Fuchs. From left to Right: Bette Loiselle, Pabasara Bandara, Fernando Noriega, Emily Khazan, Kent Fuchs, Igor Vianna Sousa, Andia Akifuma, Marcos Ramos, Vanessa Luna, Andrew Gallup, Emilio Bruna. Not shown: David Klinges.

This is the web page for LAS 6291: Fundraising for Tropical Conservation & Development.

COURSE OBJECTIVES:  Many of the graduates from programs like TCD (Tropical Conservation and Development) work outside of traditional academia in non-profit organizations, research institutes, or consulting.  Even those in academia are confronted with raising funds for programs that fall outside of the standard research grant proposal model. Traditional graduate student courses in conservation and development do not address the practical and critical skill of developing and funding programs. The objectives of this course are: (1) To introduce students to the diverse set of private and public sources for funding their activities, (2) To develop the skills needed to fundraise from these sources, including the development of donor profiles, constructing fundraising plans, applying fundraising strategies and tactics, and (3) To understanding ethical and legal issues surrounding fundraising.

As in all TCD courses, we learn by doing.  After completing the course, students will be able to:

  1. Design and implement a crowd-funding project
  2. Use social media to improve success of fundraising effort
  3. Develop targeted fundraising plans for corporate donors, foundations, etc.
  4. Create donor/funding organization lists and profiles
  5. Understand and plan direct mail, annual,  and capital campaigns
  6. Prepare a letter of inquiry or concept paper
  7. Plan a fundraising event