And the Grand Total is…..

Our students’ crowd-funding projects hosted by Rockethub have ended, and here are the final numbers:

  • Scott: Landscapes as Firesheds ($1429, N=33 funders)
  • Judit: Train the next generation of Latin American scientists ($2479, N=24 funders)
  • Leandra: Building a Home for Orphan Students in Zambia ($3435, N=39 funders)
  • Daniela: Saving the endangered Blue-Throated Macaw ($420, N=20 funders)
  • Thales: Stopping Deforestation on an Amazonian Indigenous Land ($290, N=5 funders)
  • David: Island Vulnerability: Rural Livelihoods at Risk ($1085, N=21 funders)
  • Alyssa: Preserving Florida Food Traditions ($250, N=8 funders)
  • Scott: Ancient Agricultural Practices for a Sustainable Tomorrow ($750, N=20 funders)
  • Berthrude; 10K Connected ($160, N=4 funders)

Grand Totals:

  • Amount raised by the class: $10,298
  • N=174 Funders
  • Average donation: $59.18

Congratulations to you all!







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