Reminder – no class Monday+other stuff

Hi all,

The “course schedule” page has been updated with the slides form class on Monday and the links to the USA and Global Philanthropy reports.

There’s no class on Monday, so see you on JANUARY 27th, when the following are due (Submitted via canvas).  If you want to discuss potential projects, come to office hours or make an appointment to see us.

  1. Review different projects on different online platforms to get ideas and familiarize yourself with the sites, complete the readings
  2. Project Overview (150 points) to include:
    1. The project title
    2. a 2-3 sentence summary of the project for which you seek support
    3. The total amount required for the project
    4. A brief explanation of how you will make up the difference between the amount required for the project and the amount of your campaign



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