COURSE SCHEDULE (Subject to Change)


Week Date Topic Assignment Due: Individual Project Assignment Due: Group Project
1 1/11 Introduction to Fundraising and DevelopmentDevelopment Planning
2 1/16 Crowdfunding 1: IntroductionWorkshop: work on online profiles & web page  
3 1/23 Crowdfunding 2: Videos and Video DesignWorkshop: storyboarding videos 1) Project Overview

2) Online profiles

3) Web page

4 1/30 Video Workshop Reward Plan
5 2/6 Identifying Donors; Solicitation & Marketing Project Description
6 2/13 Social Media and Philanthropy

Chris Martine, Ph.D., Bucknell University (315-430 pm): Biology Seminar: “#SciComm, media relations, and a botanist on Mars: How to get more than 20 strangers to hear about your latest research when it’s not published in Nature or Science.”

Project Video 1.0  
7 2/20 Fundraising Events Final Campaign Plan
8 2/27 Capital Campaigns & Planned Giving Final Campaign Video

Launch Campaign!

9 3/6 Spring Break
10 3/13 Direct Mail and Internet Solicitation

Guest Speaker: Kirsten Hecht, UF

11 3/20 Corporate Philanthropy & Foundations Draft of Campaign Plan Items a-c
12 3/27 Concept Notes & Grant Proposals Campaign Ends!  Draft of Campaign Plan Items d-f
13 4/3 Day-to-day of fundraising for a nonprofit

Guest Speaker: Leandra Merz, IIM International (4-450 pm)

Individual Project Self-Evaluation
14 4/10 Nonprofit Organizational Structure and Management

Guest Speaker: Dr. Jennifer Jones, UF Dept of FYCS (155-3 pm)

Draft of Direct Mail Products
15 4/17 Fundraising, Ethics, and the Law

Guest Speaker: David Houghton, WildLandscapes International

Donor Database
16 4/24 Group Presentation of Alumni Solicitation Plan & Materials

Course Evaluation

Final campaign plan, revised versions of direct mail products, and presentation.
Finals Week(4/30-5/5) NB: There is no final exam in this class Group Project Peer Evaluation (May 2nd)