We’re going to build this up over the course of the semester. If you find resources you think are really useful, post them here or email them to us and we will do it for you.

Development General

  • The Chronicle of Philanthropy
  • Foundation Center (perhaps more geared towards fundraising for universities, Includes tutorials, videos, 99 Finder – Tax return foundations have to file that shows gifts they made. Lists trustees and addresses of trustees (though note they are usually an attorney or bankers office).
  • Philanthropy News Digest (can subscribe to their newsletter)
  • Pivot (RFPs, lots of science)
  • Hoovers (search for Univ of Florida, key words, etc. to find links to UF)
  • LinkedIn (Same)
  • Guidestar (much broader than FoundatioN Center, though also lots of overlap)
  • Knowhow Nonprofit (Resource Aggregator)

University of Florida Foundation

Events Planning

Examples of Corporate Development Sites

Photos, Music, and other campaign tools 

Tools for Fundraising