This is the web page for WIS 6934: Scientific Publication Workshop (WIS 6934, Fall 2019).

If you have any problems registering for the class, please contact me via email and I will have you enrolled directly.

This course is designed for graduate students at any stage of their graduate program, and from any discipline. Humanities, social sciences, biophysical sciences, engineering…all are welcome!

The course covers

  1. The process by which scientific articles are written, reviewed, and revised,
  2. techniques and tools for improving your efficiency and productivity, including when writing collaboratively
  3. Factors that influence how manuscripts are evaluated and used by the scientific community,
  4. Trends and emerging issues in scientific publishing, and
  5. how to conduct analyses of the scientific literature to advance your own research.

As in all my classes, we learn by doing! All course participants will (1) work on a writing project of their own (manuscript, thesis chapter, proposal), and (2) work collaboratively with other students on a bibliometric research project.

By the conclusion of this course students will be able to:

  • Describe best practices and techniques for productive and efficient writing;
  • Identify and properly use tools and techniques for writing collaboratively
  • Create and implement a plan for outlining, writing, and submitting a manuscript to a peer-reviewed journal
  • Understand and learn how to address factors that influence how manuscripts are evaluated and used by the scientific community;
  • Articulate the major legal and ethical considerations regarding the use and re-use of research publications and the data that they report;
  • Understand journal, publisher, and funding agency policies for open access and data availability;
  • Understand how to gain insights about a research domain, the scientific community, or how scientific research is conducted by analyzing research publications and products;
  • Find and download the research products for bibliometric / scientometric / meta-science research; conduct analyses of these data;
  • Describe emerging trends, developments, and innovations in scientific publishing.

My goals are to help you:

  • Improve your scientific productivity
  • Increase your chances of having your manuscript accepted
  • Demystify the process of preparing and submitting manuscripts for publication
  • Discover what happens after you submit your paper
  • Learn about the trends in the world of scientific publishing that have an effect on your graduate studies and future as a researcher.
  • learn how the scientific literature itself can be used to learn about your field and the process by which research is conducted.


  1. Why does this three unit class have four hours of class time?  This class is taught as a workshop – much of our time is spent on discussions, working on projects, writing, and learning how to use different tools (i.e., lectures are kept to a minimum). I wanted to reserve a classroom for 2 days per week, 1.5 hours per day, but we can’t do that – 3 unit classes taught 2x per week are scheduled 1 hour one day, then 2 hours on the second day. The only way for me to ensure we had the room for enough time each day was to request 2 hours each day. If the class time overlaps with another class or activity, don’t let that get in the way of your taking it…let me know right away so we can discuss it.

Photo Credit: “Bookshelves” by Germán Póo-Caamaño (CC BY 2.0).




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