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Readings for 9/5: Authorship

Hi all, here are two a papers about the topics we discussed in today’s workshop: one on authorship and what it means, and another on changing norms in the order of authorship (it also touches on the concept of corresponding authorship). The first may be of particular use to you as you navigate issues of authorship down the road.

I also include some links to the authorship guidelines of different organizations, including the Council of Science Editors (the professional organization for journal editors)

  1. Weltzin, J. F., Belote, R. T., Williams, L. T., Keller, J. K. and Engel, E. C. (2006), Authorship in ecology: attribution, accountability, and responsibility. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, 4: 435–441.
  2. Duffy, M. A. (2017). Last and corresponding authorship practices in ecologyEcology and evolution7(21), 8876-8887.

Ethics: Guidelines on Authorship:

  1. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (USA): Page 2. See also their publication on the Allocation of Authorship and Credit
  2. Ecological Society of America (scroll down to “Publication”)
  3. American Psychological Association (Paragraph 2 under “Publication Practices & Responsible Authorship
  4. International Committee of Medical Journal Editors
  5. Council of Science Editors