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Readings for 9/10: Science of Science

Two papers…the first is an overview of the field, the second is an example. No need to go in-depth on the stats in the second one…just skim it to get the general idea (we’ll go over it in more depth in a later session).

  1. Fortunato, S., C. T. Bergstrom, K. Börner, J. A. Evans, D. Helbing, S. Milojević, A. M. Petersen, F. Radicchi, R. Sinatra, and B. Uzzi. 2018a. Science of science. Science 359:eaao0185


  1. Smith MJ, Weinberger C, Bruna EM, Allesina S (2014) The Scientific Impact of Nations: Journal Placement and Citation Performance. PLoS ONE 9(10): e109195.

Readings for 8/29: Writing strategies 2 (Environment, Scheduling, Tools)

Hi everybody, these are some of the things we discussed in class today. They are some quick Blog Posts (1 & 2) and some lists of writing platforms that minimize distractions (3). 

  1. Creating an Environment Conducive to Writing
  2. An Introduction to the Pomodoro Technique
  3. Distraction Free Writing Platforms for Authors:
    1. List 1
    2. List 2
    3. List 3
    4. List 4
    5. MS Word Focus Mode

If you have any tools or techniques you’d like to add, please submit them in the comments below!