We’ve been given 48 hours to provide feedback on UF’s new proposed OA policy. Since I didn’t see the email until this morning, it’s really 24 hours.  The draft documents are below – any thoughts?

Each University of Florida faculty member who voluntarily complies with this policy grants to the University a nonexclusive, irrevocable, worldwide license to exercise any and all rights under copyright law pertaining to each of his or her authored or co‐authored scholarly journal articles that are published in any medium. This license does not transfer copyright ownership or authorize a use that interferes with the rights of the author or co‐authors. Copyright ownership remains with the author(s) of the articles.

To accomplish this, faculty members are encouraged to deposit an electronic copy of each scholarly journal article according to the terms of applicable copyright agreements, if any. In the absence of a mandate by a grant funding agency to deposit articles in a specific public access repository, faculty are encouraged to deposit scholarly journal articles in the UF  Institutional Repository (IR@UF) and/or in a relevant subject based open access repository.

To facilitate such deposit, faculty members are encouraged to seek to amend terms of future publication agreements to retain the right to use their own work, as well as to retain the right to deposit such work in an open access scholarly repository for public access.

This policy only applies to scholarly journal articles completed after the effective date of this policy and while the author is a member of the University of Florida faculty. Faculty members who deposit their work voluntarily or in accordance with a funding agency mandate should submit an electronic “Notice of Publication” to the Smathers Libraries.

As I read this it doesn’t do much except place a greater admin burden on researchers. What do you think? The full documents, FAQ, and a handy/confusing flow chart are here

PS Until recently we had an OA fund that we could tap into to cover the charge of APCs. That fund is tapped out and there has been little movement to continue it, despite widespread support on campus. My feeling is that fund did more to encourage OA publishing than any other activity on campus.

So what do you think?

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