Interested in Global Change Biology? The Amazon-FACE project is recruiting FIVE postdocs.

The Amazonas State Research Foundation (FAPEAM) and Brazil’s National Institute for Amazonia Research (INPA) in Manaus, Brazil wish to recruit post-doctoral researchers in forest ecosystem science to participate in the AmazonFACE project. The extent to which increasing atmospheric concentrations will increase the productivity of Amazon forest and reduce its vulnerability to the potential negative impacts of climate change, is one of the greatest unanswered questions in ecosystem and global change science. The aim of this project is to determine how free air CO2 enrichment (FACE) affects Amazon forest function. It will be the first FACE experiment ever carried out in mature tropical forest. Appointees will join a team of five post-docs that will initiate and deliver the experiment and its findings.

The posts offer substantial potential as part of this project but also through links with the lead scientists with related on-going projects in Amazonia. Successful applicants will join a world class group of scientists at INPA, and other Brazilian and international scientific institutions. The work will be carried out under the supervision of Jean Ometto (INPE, Brazil) and Tomas Domingues (USP, Brazil), but closed linked to the Amazon-FACE Scientific Steering Committee, which includes Patrick Meir (University of Edinburgh, UK), David Lapola (UNESP, Brazil), Rich Norby (ORNL, USA), Carlos (Beto) Quesada (INPA, Brazil) Iain Hartley (University of Exeter, UK), and other international leading scientists in the field.

  • 1 position for a MODELLING: The post will include the application and development of a few state-of-the-art dynamic global vegetation models (DGVMs) as a way to provide baseline hypothesis (related to CO2 fertilization effect in tropical forests) to be verified in the field experiment and also to improve current DGVMs with the results generated from the experimental plots: AmzFACE_modeling_postdoc_advert
  • 2 positions in above-ground forest ecosystem science: AmzFACE_aboveground_postdoc_advert
  • 1 position in below-ground processes: The successful applicant will help with the establishment of the experimental plots, monitor root growth rates, soil water dynamics, aqueous nutrient fluxes, soil respiration,
    and litter decomposition and nutrient mineralisation rates, as well as collecting and analysing litter, root and soil samples for carbon and nutrient concentrations: AmzFACE_belowground_postdoc_advert

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